You are currently viewing E Shram CSC Login Problem | e-Shram New CSC Login Link

E Shram CSC Login Problem | e-Shram New CSC Login Link

E Shram CSC Login Problem | e-Shram New CSC Login Link

As you see, you cannot log in to the e-shram portal through CSC for a few days. The main reason for this is the problem of the e-shram website, for which no VLE can log in through CSC. But in this article, we will provide the link to login into the e-Shram portal by VLE through CSC. As you know, the Ministry of Labor and Employment is preparing a national database of 43.7 crore workers working in the unorganized sector in India, under which every unorganized worker will be given a UAN number and this e-shram card. It will help to take advantage of the government scheme. But at present, you can apply for the e-shram card in two ways. You can self-register through the e-shram portal, and you can also register yourself through CSC. But e-Shram self-registration is working fine, but CSC VLE brothers are facing a problem login in into the e-Shram portal by CSC. And we will help you to solve the problem related to login in this article. While VLEs can log in to the e-shram portal through CSC, it gets redirected, but dashboard and CSC login are not available in the e-shram portal. If you are correct, you can apply yourself through self-registration, but you get some commission for logging in through CSC and applying for the e-Shram card.

E Shram CSC Login Problem | NDUW PORTAL

New CSC Login Link

If you are an unorganized worker and have not applied for an e-shram card yet, you should apply immediately because an e-shram card will be a very important document for you in the coming days. Every worker working in the unorganized sector through an e-shram card will be very beneficial, and they will get help if they take advantage of the government scheme. While many workers are not so aware that they come to know about every single policy and scheme of the government, through e-shame cards, awareness will be created on the workers, and they will be helped to become self capable. Ministries/Governments will be implementing social security schemes through the e-Shram database for unorganized workers. Every worker will receive PM Suraksha Bhima Yojana through e-Shram registration. PM Suraksha Bhima Yojana Premium of Rs. 12 will be waived for one year. And also, the e-Shram database will be very beneficial to track and provide more employment opportunities for migrant workers. To know more about E-Shram Registration, our E Shram Registration | Apply for an e-Shram Card in 2021? you can study that article.


NDUW Portal Self Registration Document Required

Information required for registration e-Shram card in NDUW Portal

Aadhaar number Mandatory

Aadhaar linked active mobile number, or you can also use biometric authentication.

Active Bank account.

Age should be between 16-59 years (30-08-1961 to 29-08-2005)


  • Education Certificate
  • Income Certificate
  • Occupation Certificate
  • Skill Certificate

How to Apply for an e-Shram Card?

  • To apply online for an e-Shram CardFirst, you need to visit the official website.
  • You will need to click the Register on the e-Shram Link.
  • The self-registration page will open after that.
  • Enter the Aadhar card number and the mobile number to send the OTP.
  • The dashboard for registration will then open in front of you.
  • You will need to complete all details and submit them as you did last. Then you can apply online for an e labor card e-shram card download.
  • After download the e-Shram card, you can printout to a PVC card or paper also.


We always advise you to register your e-Shram application through CSC because a CSC VLE is an expert in all these work, under which you are expected to submit your application very carefully.

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