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Track your PAN/TAN Application Status
Track your PAN/TAN Application Status
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Track Consignment
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In this page you can track your pan application status very easily from nsdl website. and also you can track post Consignment details from india post.

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The link for downloading the e pan download from the website is sent by SMS or e-mail to the registered mobile number of the user and by clicking on the link the user can e pan download via OTP and receive the mobile e-mail. You can e pan download the confirmation number of the E-PAN card by using your PAN number (Aadhaar number) and other details such as date of birth and GST. Optionally, you can apply for E-Pan for more than 30 days through the file portal of the NSDL (E-Governance) and Income Tax Authority. In the case of a PAN cardholder who loses his PAN card, e pan download can be with a PAN number from the new Income Tax website and used as a PAN number.

If you have your PAN number but are unable to download your E-PAN using the above methods, you can download it from this website or from the catalog of the NSDL or UTIITSL website depending on how your original PAN was created. Individuals who have their PAN card processed by the NSDL Instant E PAN Service via ITD or the Indian Income Tax Office can also download a virtual PAN card from the NSDL website. If you have your PAN number but are unable to download it using any of the above methods, then you can try to download it from these websites or from the NSDL TIN or from the UTIITSL website, depending on how the original PAN card is created.

The online function of E-PAN helps you download the digital version of your PAN card for use in places where downloading is required and when you need to remember your PAN number with your Aadhaar number. Applicants with an Aadhaar address can download their PAN card, which contains the unique 10-digit alphanumeric number required by the Income Tax Authority for financial transactions. The E-Pan or PAN number of a double PAN card can be downloaded from the official ITDs website.

This increases the time it takes to issue physical PAN cards, which is likely to be less, as the Income Tax Office intends to improve the allocation process for applicants applying for Aadhaar and KYC. Applicants applying for a PAN via the NSDL portal can download E PAN from the NSDL page if they have already applied for a PAN card, and reprint it if they cannot obtain PAN. The NSDL-PAN download option is also available on the NSDL e-Gov website, where you can request a reprint of your PAN card.

A Permanent Account Number (PAN) card is one of the most important documents required for filing income tax returns and other forms of financial services such as opening a bank account, KYC, and others. If you have a PAN card, the Instant E PAN card gives you a virtual PAN card within 1 minute that you can use anywhere free of charge. A Permanent Account Number (PAN) is considered one of the most important financial documents for an Indian citizen as it helps a person file their tax return.

In order to apply for a new PAN card, an applicant with Aadhaar card data must submit an application form. PAN applicants must have an Aadhaar number or a registered mobile number (Aadhaar) to apply for an immediate PAN. New PAN applications and amendments can be e pan download free of charge applied for within 30 days of confirmation by the Income Tax Department.

As a service for individuals with their Aadhaar number, their PAN is free and paperless, and you can access it in real-time. If the Aadhaar-Pan connection is not completed, the PAN cannot be downloaded. NSDL is an alternative gateway for applicants to apply for a new PAN card or make changes to an existing PAN card.