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Yoga Day

Yoga Day | International Yoga Day | A Universal Celebration

Yoga Day Yoga for Beginners – The International Yoga Day is being celebrated every year on 21 June each year, after its inception in the United Nations General Assembly on 27 September 2014. Yoga is a spiritual, psychological and physical practice that originated in India. It has gone through various changes and improvements over time to reach what it is today. It is celebrated in many countries of the world. The main focus is to promote unity among people as well as maintaining good health and fitness levels among all.

B.K.S. Iyengar is considered one of the foremost yoga teachers in the world. We believed that the traditional method of teaching yoga should be changed in order to make it more universal. We also believed that it should be celebrated on the same day every year so that every country will get the chance to know and understand the benefits of yoga and its methods.

International Yoga Day was introduced into the world current Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, during his speech at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), on 27 September 2014. People from various cultures were impressed by the ancient philosophy and started practising it. Today there are various forms and methods of yoga which can be easily practised at home. Yoga helps in the physical, mental and spiritual growth of individuals. In the past, yoga was taught only in ancient gyms but now, it has been made more accessible for everyone.

Yoga Day | International Yoga Day | A Universal Celebration

Yoga Day – Yoga Day International

How to Yoga help in weight loss and health?

All of us look for quick solutions in our lives. Yoga helps us to take care of the balance between our physical and mental health. According to a study, Yoga reduces weight due to its physical and mental fitness to maintain it. According to a study, Yoga improves immunity and digestion as a natural mode of treatment to give an increase in immunity and digestion. While exercising, our muscles engage and expand. According to a study, yoga helps in maintaining muscle contraction and weight.

Yoga For Weight Loss, Health And Happiness

Yoga is known for its incredible benefits which go beyond its numerous health benefits and are also known for its ability to help you attain a fit and healthy body. You can do yoga at home or in any place, whatever your preference is, to help you achieve your goals, keep healthy and in shape. But this does not mean you have to spend all your time at Yoga and try to get in shape for a marathon. Yoga is an entire system of physical, mental and spiritual practice that allows you to maintain a balanced lifestyle. With practice and focus, you can maintain a yoga practise to help you reach your goals. Below are a few of the best yoga asanas to help you lose weight: 1. Savasana This is a state of body and mind where the body is relaxed and peaceful.

Why Yoga Are Healthy

The word yoga is derived from the Sanskrit term yoga, which means to join or unite as if one is a string. In yoga, the object of the practice is to unite the mind, body and spirit, as one. However, the state of the physical well-being of a body does not depend merely on the ability of the body to perform physical actions. The state of the physical well-being of a body is also based on the ability of the body to withstand mental, physical, emotional and even spiritual stress. Practising yoga to aid in these stress-related conditions helps the body to overcome them and in the process promote better health and performance of other physical activities. Good For Weight Loss: 1. Yoga is a great stress reliever. 2. The practise of yoga is an excellent form of stress reduction.

Is Yoga Effective For Health?

According to the World Health Organization, Yoga is not only recommended for health and wellness but is also claimed to be a major factor contributing to the reduction of obesity and morbidity globally. Yoga not only helps in preventing diseases but also in strengthening the immunity of the body. There is the age-old saying that a yogi attains his kundalini only after 40 years of age and later, gets the benefits of good health and the longevity of life. Yoga can be an avenue to self-realization, as it improves the physical and mental outlook and enables one to reach for the stars. Yoga is full of hidden secrets that are yet to be discovered by the masses.

How to practice yoga for weight loss?

In this article, I am going to show you a few yoga moves that will help you lose weight. For this reason, let’s start from the most basic, the first tip. Gravity It is important to remember that the weight and fat tissue fall on a horizontal plane and the head and neck are located on a horizontal plane. Therefore, gravity pulls on the head, neck and spine and that’s the main reason why they tend to gain weight. There are numerous yoga poses to make you lose weight to your head, neck and spine. Here are some poses to help you lose weight. Shavasana This pose will not only make you lose weight but will also lower your blood pressure if used regularly. This pose is great for increasing mobility and flexibility in the neck, spine, and chest.

Yoga Day
Yoga Day
Yoga Day
Yoga Day


The benefits of yoga are well-known. It’s effective, simple to learn, and is affordable. It’s one of the best for weight loss. It will not just help you maintain weight but make you slim and get a perfectly toned body. Make sure to do a wide variety of asanas and postures that work with your body type and also the level of your fitness level. Note: This article is very helpful for those who are serious about following the six-month journey to becoming physically fit. In this Yoga Day article, we have collected information from various sources if any information is put wrong then please comment to us.

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