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Health Insurance | Some Tips For Health Insurance Purchasing

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Health Insurance is an important kind of medical insurance policy that usually covers for surgical, medical, dental and in some cases even prescription medication and health-related fees incurred by the covered. Health insurance will either reimburse the covered by the insurance company for medical expenses, or cover the healthcare provider directly for costs incurred. In most cases, health insurance plans come as a package policy where in them include major medical coverage, such as surgery, hospitalization, dental care and preventive care visits. Health insurance benefits may also be extended to individuals such as children, old age and disability. There are different kinds of health insurance such as Managed care, Indemnity, and fee-for-service, as well as indemnity plans.

One kind of health insurance called critical illness insurance protects you from catastrophic medical expenses like hospital bills, treatment for cancer or serious diseases. Some critical illnesses include Alzheimer’s disease, Benign brain tumour, Parkinson’s disease, kidney failure, and blindness. This insurance helps you cope up with the unexpected expenses and makes sure that you have enough financial resources to take care of your healthcare needs.

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Critical Illness Insurance provides coverage against unexpected critical illnesses like as Heart attack. The critical illness insurance was founded by Dr Marius Barnard, with the first critical illness product being launched on 6 October 1983 in South Africa. This plan allows you to take out a health insurance policy to cover all the expenses incurred due to critical illnesses such as hospital bills, surgery, and medications. This is called the Personal Health Insurance Plan or Private Health Insurance Premium (PHIP). Coverage provided under this program includes all expenses incurred due to critical illnesses.

Critical illness policies are also referred to as catastrophic health insurance plans. They provide coverage to cover all the medical expenses incurred due to any illness, irrespective of the cause of illness. The critical illness policies usually cover medical treatment in a Governmental hospital or other such facility, up to a limit. Other costs covered may include outpatient fees, medicines, and therapies, and prosthetic limbs if the person is physically impaired. Certain critical illness policies also cover funeral expenses and other out-of-pocket expenses, as well.

Many insurance plans focus on covering pre-existing conditions. Under this concept, the cost of medical expenses that you incur in the future against a prior illness would be borne by the health insurance. If you have a chronic illness then the cost of medical expenses incurred would be borne by your health insurance even in case you do become ill again.

Critical Illness Insurance Plans provide coverage for varies illnesses. In fact they are a must have for those who want complete coverage against illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease, Kidney failure and Parkinson’s disease. However, people with chronic illnesses like cancer and HIV can also benefit from critical illness insurance policies. Health insurance companies also provide cover for dental treatment, eye glasses and dentures, as well as for some dental surgeries. If you have undergone any major surgery, then you might get a discount on such medical treatment. You should check with the health insurance company to know if you are eligible for such a discount.

Some insurance plans provide you with an opportunity to use your maximum amount of coverage. This is based upon your income and the amount of money you spend in premium. If you pay more than the minimum premium payment required for your illness then you might be able to claim the maximum amount of coverage for your illness. Health insurance plans can also offer you with different options and choices depending on what kind of coverage you want and how much you can afford to pay.

If you need to purchase insurance because you are self employed or if you are between jobs then you must read thoroughly the terms and conditions of the policy that you are opting for. Before you decide on which health insurance plans to buy, you must evaluate the different options available. You must not only look at the premium that you have to pay but also at the benefits that you can get in an emergency or illness. You must check and review the services that the health insurance company offers and also the co-payments that you will have to make. These factors and more are the criteria that you must consider when buying health insurance plans.

There are several types of insurance company and there are different types of insurance. Each insurance company has its own terms and conditions, which you have to check properly before buying insurance so that you can get the benefit of the payment you make. You should get your health insured so that you can easily lift the expenses on the sick coming in the future. At present, insurance is available at the cost of very less premium, on which you can take advantage of the opportunity.

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