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“Shayari” is an option of “Shayari,” which is Urdu for “poetry.” Shayari are poems containing at least one couplet or “lion.” Several couplets grouped to form a “ghazal,” the most popular of the Urdu poetry formats.

While many couplets comprise a ghazal, they express an individual thought or idea independently of the other couplets in the section. Hence shares (couplets) may differ from each other in tone and meaning. In Urdu poetry, compositions are called based on their content. Thus a poem with a humorous theme is named a hajal, while a madah is written to praise patrons and kings. Punjabi and Hindi literature also uses the ghazal poetry format.

Urdu poetry, writing, and recitation are called Shayari, and a writer of Urdu couplet/poetry is called a Shayar.

Bhool Kar Tumko Jayenge Kahan

Ek Pal Zameen Par Reh Payenge Kahan

Tumse Hi Muskurahat Hai meri Zindagi Mein

Bin Tere Hum Muskurayenge Kahan.

भूल कर तुमको जाएंगे कहाँ

एक पल ज़मीन पर रह पायेंगे कहाँ

तुमसे ही मुस्कुराहत है मेरी जिंदगी में

बिन तेरे हम मुस्कुरायेंगे कहां।

करली जब मोहब्बत तो उसे ग़लती क्यों कहे.

होठों से चुप है आँखों से क्यों रहे.

करके इक़रार जब खोना है उनको.

तो न कहकर इस दर्द को क्यों सहे.

रोयेगी ये आँखें मुस्कुराने के बाद

आएगी रात दिन ढल जाने के बाद.

कभी रूठना न मेरे दोस्त, शायेद…..

ये ज़िन्दगी ही न रहे, तेरे रूठ जाने के बाद.

लबो की हसी तेरे नाम कर देंगे

हर खुशी तुझ  पर कुर्बान कर देंगे

जिस दिन होगी कमी मेरे प्यार में

जिंदगी को मौत का नाम कर देंगे। 

पलक झूका कर सलाम करते हैं

इस दिल की दुआ आपके नाम करते हैं

कबुल हो तो मुस्कुरा देना

आपकी एक मुस्कुराहट पर ये जान निसार करते हैं।

This is an ancient tradition of poetry recitation in the Urdu language.

When invited to do so, there is a special arrangement where poets come to recite their new Urdu poetry. The audience listens to his poem and praises it by saying wah, which means bravo; it is called Mushaira. Poets are called Shayari; the plural of “shayar” is “shora.”

This poetry reading party is almost as old as Urdu. In olden times these mushairas were hosted by kings and nawabs, and poets used to come and make their name.

This tradition of poetry recitation was unique to Urdu; now, others are following the tradition.

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