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Apply Pan Card Online: How Can I Apply for PAN Card Online?

Apply Pan Card Online: A PAN stands for ”Permanent Account Number”. It is a unique code given to every person who has applied for the same concerning Income Tax Department in India. PAN No. Is used by various Govt. Authorities, Banks, NBFC’s, Credit Rating Agencies etc. to avail the information of the PAN cardholder concerning their financials.

The PAN card is important for Indian taxpayers in the current situation because it is necessary for all citizens financial transactions and is used to track the flow and outflow of your money. It is important to receive income tax, tax refunds, and communication from India’s Income Tax Department. PAN card also acts as proof of identity. The Income-tax Department issues the Permanent Account Number (PAN), one of today’s most important documents. The Pan card links all financial transactions made by an individual or entity to prevent tax evasion. India’s government has made it compulsory for everyone to have a PAN Card. This card includes a student PAN card. This card can prove identity and borrow education loans for students who wish to continue their studies in India or abroad.

How can you apply for PAN Card Online?

Apply Pan Card Online:

If You want to Apply Pan Card Online through our Portal, you must have an Aadhaar Card. At first, you have to need to download PAN form 49A and fill-up carefully. After that, You can scan to make a pdf file with a scanner machine along with all documents. for Apply Pan Card Online.

Required Pdf Size:

  1. Resolution: 200 dpi
  2. File Format: PDF
  3. Size: Under 2 MB
  4. Image Type: Color
  5. Document Size: A4
  6. Mode: Document Mode.

For Making the Best Pdf file, you have to need scanner machine. If You don’t have a scanner machine, then Go to Your Nearby Photocopy Store or Cybercafe. After making Pdf with the form and supporting document, you need to open our website and choose your required pan card from the services section or shop section. After selecting your item, you can click on “add to cart” to this item and next, you have to click on “view cart” for checkout.

To Apply Pan Card Online, click on “Proceed to Checkout”, and fill in your detail and pay with the payment gateway.

After you can do all your processes, you can get an acknowledgement recipe in under 72 hours. If any holiday is something else like a technical issue, it will be late, but generally, you can get your acknowledgement recipe in under 72 hours.

How many days to need to get your PAN Number?

Apply Pan Card Online: Generally, we promise the customer to get Pan Number in under3-5 Days, but if there is any technical or other problem, it can be late.

Can customers download PAN cards online?

Apply Pan Card Online: Yes, of course, If the PAN Number is generated, then the customer can download their PAN card from the NSDL portal with the acknowledgement Number.

How many Types of PAN Card customers can apply?

Apply Pan Card Online:

There are three types of PAN Card customers can Apply from this Portal.

  1. New Individual PAN Card for Major.
  2. New Individual Minor PAN Card.
  3. PAN Card Correction/Update/Change.

How much you need to pay for Apply PAN Card?

Apply Pan Card Online: All types of PAN Card apply charge is only 110.

How many days have been needed for getting a Physical Card?

Apply Pan Card Online: Generally, it can need only 15-21 Days, but it depends on your area post service because a Physical PAN Card only delivered by India Post.

How many Types of PAN Card providing by Income Tax Department?

  1. Individual
  2. Company
  3. Hindu Undivided Family (HUF)
  4. Association of Persons (AOP)
  5. Body of Individuals (BOI)
  6. Government Agency
  7. Artificial Juridical Person
  8. Local Authority
  9. Firm/ Limited Liability Partnership
  10. Trust.

Who issues a PAN card?

The Income Tax Department issues the PAN Card with assistance from authorized district-level PAN agents, UTI ITSL [UTI Infrastructure Technology and Services Limited] and NSDL [National Securities Depository Limited]. Many TIN-Facilitation Centers and PAN centers in the country can help citizens obtain their PAN Cards. NSDL runs them.

PAN issuing follows the PPP (Public-Private Partnership). This is to preserve economy, efficiency, effectiveness and maintain the management, processing, issuing, and issuing of PAN applications.

How do I find my PAN Card details by name and date of birth?

Another way to access your PAN information is to visit the Income Tax Department’s e-filing webpage.

You can find your PAN information only by entering your name and birth date.

  • Go to the e-filing site
  • Enter your date of birth/date of incorporation (for the company) using the format.
  • Enter your full name
  • Enter the Captcha code
  • Submit

Access to the details can be made through the filing website.

What are the advantages of getting a Permanent Account Number [PAN] or a PAN Card?

Every transaction with the Income Tax Department requires a Permanent Account Number. This number is needed for many other financial transactions, such as opening bank accounts, depositing cash in the bank account and opening a Demat account. It also applies to the trade of immovable property, dealing with securities, and more. PAN cards are a helpful way to show photo identification accepted by all government and non-government institutions.

How do I link the Aadhaar number to PAN via the e-Filing portal?

The taxpayer must log in to the e-Filing portal with his registered username. After logging in, the taxpayer will access the “link Aadhaar” option under his “Profile Settings”.

If the taxpayer’s name and birth date are identical to Aadhaar or PAN, Aadhaar will link with PAN.

How do I sign the PAN application? Form 49A/49AA?

For Apply Pan Card Online: The applicant requires three signatures on form 49A/49AA. If the applicant cannot sign, the Left-Hand Thumb impression should be attached at the designated place for signatures. It should be attested under the official seal and stamp by a Magistrate, a Notary Public, or Gazetted Officer. The following signature/thumb impressions must be submitted:

One signature/left-hand thumb impression must be left across the photo on the left side. In such a way that the signature/impression appears on both the form and the picture,

  • The box on the right-hand side of the form should contain one signature/left thumb impression. The thumb impression or signature should not be included on the right-side photograph.
  • In the declaration section, one signature/left thumb impression should be included. Signage /left thumb should be included in the box for signature /left thumb.

All applications that are not signed in the prescribed manner and within the designated space for signature will be rejected.

Apply Pan Card Online:
:Apply Pan Card Online

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