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Flight Passengers | What Does Air Crew Notice About Passengers?

Flight Passengers :

Flight attendants, we see them often when we board a plane but hardly notices them as we are busy managing our luggage. But there are high chances that the crew has already sized you up and have figured out about liking you or not.

While we know flight attendants as a person who serves us food and drinks and greets us while boarding and de-boarding the plane, their role is much wider than that. They are first responders and are trained to keep you safe. As their job has such a crucial role to play, they notice the body language, temperament, and maintain eye contact with each and every passenger. Except that they also check if a passenger is wearing a military uniform, thus, they can ask for help in case of emergencies like evacuating or restrain an untrue passenger.

The information that the aircrew can gather about you after having a single glance of yours can leave you amazed. And thus, the question becomes important: what does the aircrew notice about passengers.

Flight Passengers | What Does Air Crew Notice About Passengers?

Passenger Rights Airlines:

Baggage Size

Most airlines don’t check passengers’ carry-ons before they board the flight. But the aircrew will know what are you bringing with a single glance because of the years of experience. They know how to convince passengers politely and have been doing the same for years.

Thus, they become capable of convincing passengers, even the most stubborn ones, that their carry-on is too bulky. And it won’t be able to fit in the under the seat storage of your seat. Thus, always keeps your bag size in mind before taking flights from London to USA or to anyplace else.

Passengers’ health

Aircrew keeps a close eye on passengers and keeps on checking if anyone is showing signs of sickness. Air pressure and altitude differences can affect the health of passengers, especially first-time flyers. Thus, keeping a tab on their health t avoid medical emergencies becomes very important.

Pregnant passengers

With seeing hundreds of passengers daily among a few who are always pregnant, flight attendants become adept at knowing the trimester of pregnant ladies even when they are trying to hide it through loose clothing. Most pregnant women need to have a doctor’s certificate in order to fly long distances such as taking flights from USA to London.

But different airlines have different rules in the context of asking for a doctor’s certificate for flying from pregnant ladies. Aircrew will know you are pregnant so instead of trying to hide it, let them know. Because in this way they will keep an extra eye on you in case you require any help and avoid traveling to places with the presence of the Zika virus.

Your Behavior

If you want the crew to think well of you, then greeting them with a bright smile will work very well. And many times, a simple hello can pay off in form of an extra snack or getting free drinks on the house.


Air Crew is vigilant while noticing the general behavior of a passenger when he boards a plane. The confidence with which he enters the plane or greets the aircrew staff. Keeping a close eye helps them to find agitated fliers most of them are having their first flights. Thus, the crew talks to them and makes sure that they get settled before the plane goes into the air. As a passenger, having a panic attack in the air could be a tough situation to handle. If the crew feels that the passenger won’t like to be disturbed by them, then they keep an eye on him from some distance.

Maintaining Eye Contact

The foremost thing the aircrew notices as soon as you board a plane is that whether you are maintaining eye contact with crew members or not. Passengers that maintain eye contact take to be confident, but the crew always keep a special eye during the flight that avoids making one.

Fellow Airline Employees

It always feels good to have known that other former employees are traveling on the same flight. Also, such people can be a big help to the aircrew in the case of sudden contingencies as they have dealt with them their whole life. If you are a former flight attendant, do let the aircrew know about your presence in the flight along with your seat number thus they can ask for help in needful situations.

Person with disabilities

Wheel-chair bound passengers to get priority front cabin seating and extra attention from the aircrew. But do you know that a broken arm or hand can disqualify you from sitting in an exit row? Yes, as the person sitting on the exit row will be needing to lift a 60-pounds hatch or open a door of several hundred pounds in case of emergencies.

Age group

The elderly and children get more attention from the aircrew, but the most attention is provided to unaccompanied minors. A trained flight attendant is well known to the facts of handling a young child on a flight and he makes sure that the minor has all the necessary information required during flying.

Alcohol Consumption

Aircrew not only uses their eye but also their sense of smell to keep a check on passengers. And to check intoxication, their sense of smell helps them a lot. Whenever a crew member finds that any passenger has over drunken himself, they keep a constant eye on him. And if they feel the passenger can be a problem during the flight, they have the right to refuse your entry as it will -put you and others in danger.


One good reason for checking passengers from head to toe is checking their airport looks. Aircrew notices everything from your footwear to the layer of clothes that you are wearing, in search of things that can be a hurdle in a hasty emergency exit if needed. Due to the same reason, many airlines have dress codes and if you won’t dress up according to that, then you can be refused to board the plane by the aircrew.

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