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Passenger Rights Airlines: Reasons to Know Your Passenger Rights Amid Covid-19 Crisis

Passenger Rights Airlines: No matter the amount you spend planning a trip amid Covid-19. There are always high chances of things going wrong. Along with this, you have to follow all the precautions and protocols to keep yourself safe from the virus.

Things like flight delay and baggage loss are pretty common at airports. And as a passenger, you must be knowing how to tackle these situations. Do you know that knowing the air passenger rights can be a big help while facing such situations? Well, knowing your passenger rights can help a passenger in various ways.

Let’s know the top 5 reasons to know your passengers right amid the Covid-19 crisis that saves you from unexpected happenings.

Passenger Rights Airlines: Reasons to Know Your Passenger Rights

Passenger Rights Airlines: Within time Check-ins

Do you know that the airlines have the right to cancel your flight if you don’t show up at the departure gate on time? No matter you have done an advance booking or not every airline has the right to do so. It can also provide your seat to any other passenger. Thus to avoid getting bumping off the flight, you must reach the airport within the allotted check-in time.

But if due to a certain reason you reach the airport later than the allotted check-in time. there is a provision to help you with situations where you aren’t allowed to board a flight due to check-in delays. In this case, you will be getting a denied boarding compensation and you can use it on further flight bookings.


Passenger Rights Airlines: Booked direct flights to Italy from the US or to any other parts of the world? And the flight gets canceled because of a government-imposed lockdown. Many lockdowns were imposed in different countries to control the surges in Covid-19 cases. Because of which many flights got canceled and passengers are still waiting to get their refund from the airlines.

Airlines are currently providing credit account and rescheduling facility to passengers whose flights got canceled due to the sudden lockdowns. Or because of government-imposed bans on taking international flights during the pandemic. But many passengers are seeking a full refund of their air ticket bookings.

Thus, on April 16th, the Ministry of Civil Aviation released a statement. That states a passenger who has booked flight tickets during the government imposed lockdowns from any of the domestic or international flights. And is now seeking a full refund then the airline is liable to pay him a full refund without levying any air ticket cancelation charges.

Also, on April 3rd, the United States Department of Transportation issued a circular. Which states that the airlines are obligated to pay a complete refund to the passengers. If the flight gets canceled or delayed. So, now book tickets for direct flights to Poland from USA or to any place else as you don’t have to worry about getting a refund. According to the government, you are entitled to get one.

Baggage Loss/Damage/Delay

Passenger Rights Airlines: Ever got your luggage lost or damaged while taking a flight? And did nothing except filing a complaint to search for it? Well, you must know that you have the legal capacity to claim for delay, damage, and loss of your check-in luggage. And the airlines will be liable to pay you the compensation for your losses caused because of their negligence.

But for getting these claims airline’s should be responsible for your check-in baggage loss, damage, or delay. And the key to get compensated is to act quickly. Do the following thing immediately you get to know about your loss.

  • Register a complaint directly with the airlines that you are flying with.
  • Take action before the deadline. Yes, there is a deadline to claim for your baggage losses with the airlines. And as per regulations, a passenger should claim for his losses within 7 days of his scheduled flight.

Travel insurances help greatly in such situations. If you have purchased travel insurance, then you must not worry about the above procedure. Just claim your losses with your travel insurance agency. And you will end up getting more money with very little effort.

Terms and Conditions

Passenger Rights Airlines: Different countries and different airlines have different passenger rights. These terms are conditions are also called different names in different countries or by different airlines. Two such common names are “Contract of Carriage” and “Conditions of Carriage”.

We recommend you check the terms and conditions of an airline before flying with it. If you want to claim a refund or baggage loss that it is recommended to go through your country’s passenger rights along with the rights provided by airlines. In this way, you would know what to expect in cases of losses in the compensation criteria.

Also, many people think of travel insurance as an extra expense. But try to think it off as an investment. Flying through airplanes comes with its risks and travel insurance helps you to minimize them. Plus, claiming losses through travel insurance is way easier than claiming them from airlines. Also, the settlement money provided by travel insurance agencies is more considerate than the amount provided by any airline.

Got a Complaint?

Facing a problem or query regarding flight bookings, flight cancelation, rescheduling, refund, check-in, and baggage loss/damage/delay? In such cases, the first thing that you must be doing is to contact directly to the airlines. The moment you find out that you are having an issue, contact the airlines before anyone else.

Passenger Rights Airlines: Due to Covid-19, it will be hard to contact the airlines directly. If your query is urgent, then you must place a call to the designated call centers of the airline and register your issue there. Give the call attendant enough time to understand your issue. And after hearing the response, if you are unsatisfied with it you must ask for compensation. If you have a query that isn’t urgent then try to drop an email at the airlines’ customer care mail account.

You will be getting a reply in a few days. And you will also help the already overburdened airlines staff by not placing an extra call. If the airline doesn’t fulfill your request and goes against the policy, you can always let them know that you are aware of the rules and regulations along with your country’s Passenger Rights Airlines.

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