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Tour in Sajek Valley: The Kingdom of Clouds

Who wouldn’t love to run in the white clouds! It is hard to find people who won’t love to run in the white clouds, or talk to the clouds in them. However, in this city of concrete clouds have a responsibility. There is an area in our country that offers breathtaking beauty and allows you to lose yourself in the clouds. You can see the clouds, but you can also enjoy the peace and harmony of the natural world. The Kingdom of Clouds, also known as The Sajek Valley, is one of the most beautiful places in Bangladesh. Many people claim that Sajek Valley in Bangladesh is the most beautiful. Sajek Valley is the most beautiful and beautiful place in Bangladesh. We don’t know how to get to Sajak Valley.

Kingdom of Clouds Sajek Valley

Introduction to Sajak Valley

Sajek Valley is located in Rangamati district. It is the largest union north the Mizoram border. It covers an area of 602 km2. The Sajek valley is bordered on the north-south and Langadu in India and on the east and west by Mizoram in India and Khagrachari. Sajek Valley is in the Rangamati District. However, it must be reached via Dighinala of Khagrachhari to reach Sajek Valley (The Kingdom of Clouds). You will need to travel by water if you wish to reach Rangamati. You will need to walk through Kaptai to reach Sajek.

It is 60 kilometers from Khagrachhari and Sajek. It will take 45-50 km to reach Sajek via Dighinala if you are traveling from Khagrachhari via Khagrachhari. The army camp is located halfway between Dighinala and Sajek. To travel to Sajek, you must get permission from Army Camp or No. 10 Baghaihat Police Camp. To reach Ruilui Para (the first village in Sajek), one must cross the Kasalong Bridge, and the Kasalong River. Ruilui is located at 1800 feet above the surface. This is where you will find the beautiful mountains of Sajek.

Ruilui Para, one of the oldest villages in Sajek Valley is Ruilui Para. It was founded in 185. Lusai and Pankua are three of its most prominent tribals. However, the Ruilui neighborhood was established by the Lusai. Lusai is the main red thanga in Ruilui. Ruilui is only a short drive from Sajek Valley, the Kingdom of Cluds. There is however, a spring called Kamalak Jharna in Sajek Valley. It is located between Ruilui and Sajek Valley. Locals also know Kamalak Waterfall as Pidam Taisa Jharna, or Sikam Taisa Jharna. Tourists will find the Kamalak Jharna waterfall very attractive. Kanlak Para, the last village in Sajek Valley Union. Name of Kanlak Para’s chief is Chaumingthai Lusai. Kanlak Para can also be found high above the plains. But, the Kanlak Para’s height is not known. The Kanlak Para village, located in Sajek Valley (The Kingdom of Clouds), is at the far end. From here you can easily see the Lusai Hills of India as well as other hills.

It is right next to the village. Security reasons mean that it is not possible to visit it often. You must visit the Lusai Mountains if you wish to go there. It is here that the Karnafuli River got its start. Sajek Valley is home to a magical, beautiful natural beauty that you won’t want to miss. Tourists love to visit Kanlak Para’s Hajachara Jharna, which is just a few minutes away from Sajek Valley. Dighinala hanging bridge, Dighinala forest are two other options. Dighinala bridge and Dighinal bridge feature a magical fountain as well as a mix of green plants. This Dighinala and Dighinala Bridge locations are a great way to connect with nature.

How to Go Sajek Valley

There are several transport buses that can take you to Khagrachhari if you wish to travel to Sajek Valley via Dhaka. Rent will range from 520 to 550 rupees per head in this instance. You can reach Sajek by peace transport if you don’t want to travel directly. Rent will cost 560-600 rupees per head in this case. You can also reach Sajak by bus, both AC and non-AC. You can also rent a microbus from Dhaka if you have more passengers. You can also rent AC buses from BRTC or St. Martin Transport. You can rent a jeep to reach Sajek Valley from Khagrachhari and Dighinala upon arrival.

It is interesting to note that these jeeps have been called moon cars by locals. This jeep or mooncar can be rented to rent Sajek Valley for a day. These jeeps are more expensive if you plan to explore Sajek Valley for longer than one day. These cars can comfortably seat between 10 and 15 people. CNG can be rented if there is less population. The cost of CNG is slightly higher in the later stages. You can also rent a bus, or a motorcycle. It is best to not rent a motorcycle in hills because they can be dangerous. You should try to return to Sajak Valley before sunset if you plan to visit the entire valley in one day. The wild environment makes it quite dark after sunset.

Where We Will Stay in The Sajek Valley?

The Sajak Valley has many high-quality resorts. You will need to spend a lot of money if you plan to stay at the resort. There are many hotels nearby. They aren’t very well-equipped. There are many tourist motels in Khagrachhari or Dighinala, and they are of high quality. Dighinala has a few interesting guest houses. These guest houses are available for rent if you wish.

Where do We eat in The Sajek Valley?

If you are in a resort, motel, or guest house, there is a facility of good quality food. Pankhai Para is another option if you are looking for traditional Thai food. It is located next to the New Zealand neighbourhood. This place is also available for those who want to eat. Ruilui or Kanlak Para are also great places to try traditional tribal food. They will prepare the food for you if you inform them and you pay in advance.


After sighting in the Sajak Valley, you will see a beautiful combination of forest green and the whiteness of clouds. All the beauty of the Sajak Valley, from sunrise to sunset, can be seen easily with three helipads. This is the Sajek Valley’s weather. It can be hot or it can rain. Soon after the rain stopped, a group cloud made Sajek again a white valley. You can enjoy this natural beauty by packing your bags and returning to Sajak Valley, The Kingdom of Clouds.

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