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Guest Posting Sites: How To Submit Guest Posts for Rank 1st on Google

Guest Posting Sites: If you are a blogger, you need to write a guest post and submit the article on another site to get traffic to your relevant article or site. This post will discuss how to write a guest post, and we will give seven tips for writing an excellent guest article.

What is Guest Posting?

Before we get to the tips, let’s get some things clear. There are two types of guest posts you can submit. The first type of guest post is a “drip” guest post, which is when the guest blogger replies to your blog and submits an article that has a message in it. This type of post is usually where your guest article writing about topics you have posted in your own blog. There are other types of guest posts you can submit, including “purge” guest posts. An example of a “purge” guest post is when someone on your blog reads the articles you have posted and wants to create a new article around the topics you have written about. A purge guest post is the exact opposite of a drip guest post.

How to write a guest post? Guest Posting Sites

How do you come up with topics for a guest post? Well, the first thing is to identify blogs and sites that are focused on topics that are of interest to you. Try to get past the usual guest post websites (such as Quartz and Recode) that publish a new guest post every week or two to find smaller, specialized blogs that publish guest article writing only occasionally. If your blog is relatively niche, maybe your niche is cleaning a closet, then find blogs in your niche that publish guest posts only a few times a year.
Be engaging: Don’t give generic guest post ideas. They can range from “ten things you should do” to “what your current employer needs to know about”. We’ve all been there. Don’t write generic guest posts. Instead, be specific. The example, “Ten things your employer needs to know about: team culture” sounds generic. Instead, try “Give yourself time to speak with every employee in the company. Their position, responsibility, etc.” or “Consider speaking to the people in the following three departments to gain a better understanding of their role.” Make sure your content is targeted: All your guest guest blogging sites.

How to find a guest post blog?

Guest Posting Sites: First, you need to identify a niche site that you think would be the right fit for your guest post. They must have a following, people who want to read your post, and people who will likely be interested in reading your post. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself in deciding where to submit your guest post: What would make people read your article? Is your audience big enough to justify that the site is more interested in that particular post than the others they publish? Is it related to the niche the site is known for? Is your topic a specific gap that they have? The more that you are able to answer “yes” to all of these questions, the better off you will be in finding the perfect place to submit your guest post on guest blogging sites. Which topics will appeal to my target audience?

How to submit a guest post on the blog you want?

Guest Posting Sites: The best thing to do is to reach out to the site directly that you want to write for and tell them you are a guest. Then let them know that you are working on a post for them. Ask to see the rules for guest posting, then write a well-thought-out guest post on their site. This post will explain why guest posts are good for you and the site you submit on. I like to submit posts on websites that are similar to mine. A lot of people won’t want to work with a guest who hasn’t been on their site before, so I like to be where they are. To figure out where the site you are writing for is located, you will want to ask to be put on their contact form. A contact form is simply where you enter your name and email address. Your blog is your baby and should be treated as such.


The key to writing effective guest posts is using two types of tips to get the most from the guest post: 1. Write To Your Target Audience This is the most important tip for a good guest post. Your target audience should determine what to write about. You have to write a post that the other website’s audience is interested in. As we discussed above, a good content mix is the best way to attract guest readers. However, in this post, we will take the second part of that tip and help you write a good guest post. 2. Submit The Article On The Right Sites The second tip is to submit the article on the right websites. Bloggers usually write guest posts for websites that they have visited previously or in similar niches.

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