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Apply for PAN Card and CORRECTION Your Existing PAN. Just Upload Your Documents, Pay the Fee and Get Your PAN Card Very Easily and Quickly.
How to fillup PAN Card Form?

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We Accept only Aadhaar

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200 DPI/Under 2 MB/Colour

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We have an Authorized Branch of NSDL PAN Card in which we apply for the Customer’s PAN card and give them the PAN card provide. We are applying for all kinds of PAN applications, but we offer the convenience of just a few types of PAN cards online. We deliver to the Customer a facility of Pan Reprint with Individual Pan Card Individual Minor pan card and Individual pan correction. We do the Apply for PAN card on the NSDL PAN portal through the Demographic Verification of Customer. Therefore, be it is important to have an Aadhaar card to be the Customer to apply for the PAN Card Through Our Website. If the Customer does not have an Aadhaar card, the Customer can not apply for the PAN Card. We accept Applications only with an Aadhaar card. We have been running the branch of NSDL’s PAN card for many years. So far, we have received Twenty Five hundred customers’ PAN applications, and We have provided PAN Card successfully to those customers. And in the coming time, We are hoping to provide PAN Card to their Customer successfully.

PAN Card Apply Online pdf size

Required PDF Size:

Resolution: 200 dpi
File Format: PDF
Size: Under 2 MB
Image Type: Color
Document Size: A4
Mode: Document Mode
The Applicant photograph Must have been clear

pan form scan machine
For Making the Best PDF file, You have to need a Scanner Machine. 

If You don't have a scanner machine, then Go to Your Nearby Photocopy Store or Cybercafe.

How to Work?

How can you apply for PAN Card Online?

If You want to apply for a PAN Card through our Portal, you must have an Aadhaar Card. At first, you have to need to download PAN form 49A and fill-up carefully. After that, You can scan to make a pdf file from a scanner machine along with all documents. If you do not know how to fill up the PAN card form 49A, then you can click on “LEARN HOW TO FILL-UP PAN FORM?” And you can be to learn how to fill PAN form 49A.

Step One: At first, fill up your pan form.

Step Two: Scan your PAN form with Supporting Documents by a Scanner Machine to make a PDF.

Step Three: Choose your Category from our Service section and click it to add to the cart.

Step Four: Go to cart and click on proceed to checkout your chosen category.

Step Five: Enter your application details and upload the pdf file.

After entering all the correct information, click on place order and pay the fee amount with our payment gateway.

Fee Amount: ₹ 107 actual price

                        ₹ 3 Service Charge

             Total: ₹ 110 only/-

Get PAN Acknowledgment Receipt during 24 to72 Hours.

In that case, If there is a technical problem in our system, it may be late.

Get Your PAN number in during 3 to 5 Days.
Get Your Physical PAN Card during 12 to 22 days. 

It depends on your area post service because a Physical PAN Card is only delivered by India Post.

After getting the acknowledgment slip, the applicant will have to print it and send it to our office along with the physical proof of documents for verification purposes by courier or post. 

Important Note: If you do not send your Physical form for verification purposes, your PAN number can be disabled by ITD.

What is PAN card?

The Permanent Account Number (PAN), a unique 10-digit alphanumeric code, is allotted to every taxpayer. It is issued by the Income Tax Department, under the supervision of the Central Board of Direct Taxes. It is accepted in all places and serves as identity proof, like a driving license or Aadhaar card. PAN Card is required to perform financial transactions, such as opening a Demat account, receiving taxable income or professional fees, and selling or purchasing assets beyond specified limits.

The PAN card is important for Indian taxpayers in the current situation because it is necessary for all citizen’s financial transactions and is used to track the flow and outflow of your money. It is important to receive income tax, tax refunds, and communication from India’s Income Tax Department. PAN card also acts as proof of identity.

Who issues a PAN card?

The Income-tax Department issues the Permanent Account Number (PAN), one of today’s most important documents. The Pan card links all financial transactions made by an individual or entity to prevent tax evasion. India’s government has made it compulsory for everyone to have a PAN Card. This card includes a student PAN card. This card can prove identity and borrow education loans for students who wish to continue their studies in India or abroad.

The Income Tax Department issues the PAN Card with assistance from authorized district-level PAN agents, UTIITSL [UTI Infrastructure Technology and Services Limited] and NSDL [National Securities Depository Limited]. Many TIN-Facilitation Centers and PAN centers in the country can help citizens obtain their PAN Cards. NSDL runs them.

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